Norwegian Background

Officially called the Kingdom of Norway, with Oslo as the capital, this constitutional monarchy comprises the western part of Scandinavian Peninsula, the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, Jan Mayen and the Bouvet Island. As one of the Scandinavian nations, it currently has a population of over 5 million people. Famous for its fjords, expansive forests and rugged coastline, Norway is a major shipping nation, with large petroleum resources and a variety of fish: salmon, herring, trout and codfish are all extremely popular. Represented by such authors as Henrik Ibsen and Knut Hamsun, the country has also hosted the winter Olympic Games twice – in Oslo and Lillehammer. As a part of the North Germanic language family, Norwegian gives parents all over the world the chance to choose a child’s name of Old Norse origin, rooted in Norse mythology and the history of Vikings, with profound etymology and branched genealogy.