Maori Girl Names

Indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand, the Maori have a history of tribal and warrior groups, tattoos, and occasional cannibalism. Maori language brings in the naming tradition based on Polynesian mythology, legends and rituals!

Maori Background

The Maori now count the population of about 750,000 people living in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, United States and Canada. Their history goes as far back as AD 1300 when they arrived in New Zealand in their canoes. Maori are famous for their distinctive carving crafts, rich mythology, traditions, rituals, legends, and the performance art of Kapa haka. Initially tribal and warrior groups, occasionally practicing cannibalism, they became skilled hunters, fishers and gardeners, and Maori chiefs are renowned for their extensive tattoos all over the body and very often the face. As a part of the Austronesian language family, Maori is an Eastern Polynesian language, currently spoken by 60,000 people, it uses Latin script and is one the official languages of New Zealand. Parents all over the world choose Maori names for their children because of their distinctive ancestry, profound etymology, and relation to Polynesian culture and New Zealand.